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  Mamta Anand


Mamta Anand hails from the kingdom of common man the millionth cosmopolitan Mumbai.
Groomed in the Multicultural ethos of the sea city where life thrives in quaint opposites, she learnt how extraordinary ruled in ordinary, easy sustained the tough and cramping Locals provided an escape only through Dreaming Big!

These impressions got shape in the final years of her education in the education capital of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur City.

The beautiful city of Jabalpur with Marble rocks and deep green Narmada River Valley gave her the gift of solitude to venture into Philosophy and Literature. The city also called as the centre of Culture inspired and influenced her to frame the Definite Chief Aim of her life as,

Mission- Peace
Ambition- Unity
Vision- Amity


  Academic Qualification


  PhD in English Literature


  Banasthali Vidyapith Rajasthan, Registration.: 25th May,2006.

  Topic: ‘A Comparative Study of Themes in the Essays of S.Radhakrishnan and Ralph Waldo

              Emerson’    (Pursuing).



   M.A. (Final) English Literature- Secured 67.7%, passed in 2003.
   - Topper
   - Got Distinction in two papers, Literary Criticism
   - Awarded Honours in Dissertation

   M.A. (Previous) English Literature- Secured 67.3%, passed in 2002.

   - Topper



   M.A. English Literature from Govt. Mahakoshal Arts and Commerce Autonomous College, Jabalpur.

   B.A. from St. Aloysius College, Sadar, Jabalpur .
   - Secured 72%, passed in 1997 (RDVV)

   - Subject: Mathematics, Economics, History

   - 6th in Merit List of RDVV.

   Higher Secondary from St. Joseph Convent Girls School , Sadar, Jabalpur .

   - Secured 68%, passed in 1994.


   High School from St. Joseph Convent Girls School , Sadar, Jabalpur.

   - Secured 78%, passed in 1992.


   Additional Qualification


   DIPLOMA in Language from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages Hyderabad   

   in Post Graduate Teaching of English. 2004 -2006.

    Specialisation in Linguistics, Phonetics, Grammar usage and Writing Skill.

   M.A. (Previous) Economics- Secured 68%, passed in1999 as Regular

                                                     - 2nd Topper in RDVV, Jabalpur .

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