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 At birth we lay bare on her lap

Squalled to wake up heavens from nap

Making us from her blood and milk

She loved to see her little life blink

Kissing bows of our lips and brow

True to her fancy did her marvel show.


Parting with her the little shed tears

Today she wept to say bye to her dear

As her extensions we came to this world

Only to see her bound up by world

Good mother gave life all it needs

And her love to be its greatest shield


She made the one who lighted the world

Was left to labour by unkind world

Ordained sacrifices to do and seen

It was her due said her born- unkeen

She gave to the world life that lives

Can we make a world where she does Live!


 Published in Magazine Spring 2004


A Beauty Bath

 The morning star that wins in grace

Inspires the world to move great

Trees laden with flower and fruit

Are hubs to hues who sing in craze


Nature marvels marrying beauty’s splendour

That love abounds as pendant petal

Beauty’s ethos a wonder of God et. al

Bears halo of spiritual grandeur


One is majestic other casts spell

Lives as a moon and dies in fire

The esteemed as Sun guards in dire

Heavenly its aura saves from hell


Indeed beauty gravitates life

Profound is the beauty that shined

Washing the life that had sinned

Redeems mankind to glorify life


                       By Mamta Anand

 Published in Magazine Spring 2003


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